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Let's thank the darkness for forging this bond
in its fire of hatred.  Just like a good blade,
we've grown harder and harder with each
hammer blow that has fallen down on us!.
Now the fires are extinct and the steel is formed

Whatever may happen, let it happen.
We are ready !

Guild News

Da Waaagh Division Celebration.

Dreez76, Aug 25, 11 6:43 AM.
We are closing in on two years of constant waaagh. Two years of bringing it to the frontlines.
Two years of up's 'n down's.   Not many guilds have made it one year, even fewer has made
it to two years.    Two years, that 24 months, 728 days, 17472 hours, 1048320 minutes....

Mcintosh Reaches RR100 !

Dreez76, Apr 17, 11 12:00 PM.
Big congratulations to Mcintosh for being the first active choppa on Badlands to reach Renownrank 100. After a few tedious weeks of grinding, the final DING came.

Also Congratulations to Nucky, our currently highest Chosen for reaching Renownrank 90, and Diggot da' Warboss for also reaching renownrank 90.

Happy New Year Waaaghers !

Dreez76, Jan 1, 11 10:22 AM.
Best wishes to all Waaaghers, present and future. Lets hope everyone gets a healthy 2011

Resurrection !

Dreez76, Sep 11, 10 12:44 AM.
Da Waaagh Division rejoins its former alliance in its stage of rebuilding.

After almost 6months after Da Waaagh Division went its own way, we finally found
our way back to our old grounds. We've been offered many alliances but non that
we found interesting at that point in time, and we wanted to have something to
bring to the table.  Now the time is right, we got a lot to bring, and rejoining old
friends seems like the right step to take.


DWD gets their first RR80.

Dreez76, Jul 6, 10 6:47 AM.
Dat's right you gits, Da Boss just got RR80 yesterday.
Cake, strippers, beer and music is expected at the celebrations.
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